Yoga Moves To Help Reduce Stress

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Yoga and meditation are practiced daily by many to help reduces anxiety and stress, improves mental clarity, and even help sleeping. While yoga helps one sooth their soul it also is a widely practiced exercise program.  When stress kicks in, give yoga a try to improve your mental fitness!

The main goals of yoga are to connect you spirituality and training your mind and body. Yoga does yoga includes physical exercise, refereed to as asanas (poses). It consists of a series of poses and controlled breathing. Many communities and rec centers offer yoga classes for newbies who prefer to do yoga with a group. Look in your local phone book for locations near you.

Stress Reducing Yoga Moves

Breath Retention- One of the easiest yoga breathing exercises to calm yourself down and help you relax when stress is overwhelming. View the video below for this technique.

Balasana Yoga Pose- Created to slow the mind down for fast relaxing. Cathie Ryder, a certified instructor , shows you how to use this pose.

These two yoga poses are a great start for yoga newbies and can be practiced at home.

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