Wicker Recycling Basket for Recyclable Storage

by admin

If your recycling habit is anything like mine, you find that the blue recycle bin gets filled up pretty fast. At least in my home, our recycle bin was over flowing every week and I had bags of recyclables sitting in my kitchen on the floor. I started looking for some type of recycling bin I could use inside my house or a storage container I could use to keep my recyclables in when the blue bin was full. I stumbled upon these nifty wicker recycling baskets from the Basket Lady.

The Basket Lady’s website advertises wicker recycling baskets and calls them the “World’s Smartest Recycling Basket”. The slogan is perfect, because these recycling baskets are a great addition to any home that recycles. The baskets are available in different wicker finishes and make a nice addition to an eco-friendly kitchen. The baskets are available in a regular basket and a divided basket to keep your recyclables separated.

The Recycling Basket in Water Hyacinth fits a paper grocery bag for use as a liner, if you choose to use a liner. The Divided Recycling Basket features two compartments with lift-out metal bins that allow you to easily separate the recycling. The baskets have rattan core body. Because rattan is more quickly renewable than hardwoods, rattan wicker baskets are a much more eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to wood or metal holders.

If you have been looking for a recyclable storage area, here it is!

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