Ways to Green Your Paper Use

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Even though there is allot of talk about a paperless world, there is still a large percent of paper solid waste. For the sake of our environment everyone needs to step up and green their paper use!

Here are 5 simple ways you can green your paper use without causing any extra work or effort.

1. Buy only recycled paper- Recycled paper is available almost everywhere. Writing paper and computer paper all can be purchased 100% recycled from most office supply stores.

2. Double side printing- Yep that’s right, print on both sides of your paper and not only will you save paper you will be saving money! Printing on both sides of the paper may take a bit longer, but in the effort of greening your paper use, well worth it!

3. Opt for e-statements- Most companies are now offer e-statements for billing. Instead of having your bills mailed to you and wasting paper, have them e-mailed! I personally have my phone bill and electric bill emailed to me, as those are my only 2 bills who offer it currently. Even with just 2, I am saving 2 envelopes and the paper that would be used to print my bill on.

4. Opt for online magazines- Many magazines are now offered online. Instead of having them mailed to your home, check them out online! Think about the paper used for every magazine printed.

5. Recycle your mail- When you are done reading your mail, throw it into your recycle box too! Mixed paper can be recycled! If paper is stapled, remove the staple and toss it in the recyclable bin! Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail & office paper are all papers that can be recycled!

Do you have any other ideas how people can green their paper use?

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