Water Tanks Recycled into Kid’s Mini Palaces

by admin

recycled_water_tabjs-150x150-9038666Environmental and human rights activist Katell Gélébart, from ART D’ECO, had the opportunity to turn water tanks into adorable play houses for children at the Dune Eco Resort (www.thedunehotel.com), near Pondicherry in South India. Gélébart, took 3 old water tanks and recycled them into mini Palaces for kids. She created doors and windows and painted the tanks with “nature” camouflage to be invisible in the playground.

What a creative way to reuse construction waste and turn it into something that can be used and enjoyed for many years to come. I know my kids would love to have one in our back-yard to play in!

recycled_water_tabjs-150x150-9038666 recycled_water_tabjs2-150x150-2052732 recycled_water_tabjs3-150x150-9026891

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