Wasteful Food Packaging; Stop Paying For Plastic

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plastic-fruit-cups-150x150-7305215In today’s world many people opt for convenience rather than resourcefulness. Tons of shrink-wrap, Styrofoam and plastic are thrown into the trash daily due to wasteful food packaging. While convenience is nice, the additional waste produced is not worth it, not to mention, the additional packaging is paid for by the consumer. The Daily Green has brought attention to some of the most absurd packaging and sheds light on how consumers can cut back on trashed plastics from food packaging.

3 Over-packaged Offenders

Packaged Cheese- Individually wrapped cheese are far from being necessary. Instead cut a block of cheese and store the entire block in a container, rather than creating additional waste for a one minute time saver.

Single Portion Packages- “Supermarket shelves are stocked with wasteful individually portioned items, which require tons of extra plastic and packaging. Are we really too lazy to scoop out a single serving of rice ourselves? Instead — buy a large version of the item and make your own snack-size version using a reusable container. And again, buy in bulk whenever possible”, says The Daily Green.

Lunch foods– A lot of packaging goes into producing foods that are convenient for consumers — items made for eating on the go. The Lunchables snack pack includes six individually wrapped (and highly processed) items. And oneMarie Callender’s dish even comes with its own incredibly wasteful disposable colander. Yahoo Green suggests, “For a healthier, cheaper and less wasteful meal, try making your lunch ahead of time.” How many people do you know that attempt to recycle lunchable trays or juice containers?

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