Vintage Reclaimed Stamp Jewelry

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If you are a vintage jewelry lover, you will fall head over heals for the reclaimed stamp jewelry. Or if you are looking for an eco-friendly gift, the reclaimed stamp jewelry is a great gift idea for the person who loves all things vintage! Handmade from vintage and antique stamps that have traveled all over the world, the unique jewelry adds a soft touch of color and brings a wonderful bit of history to the modern wardrobe.

Unlike many eco-friendly jewelry options, the reclaimed stamp jewelry boasts beautiful color and have matching pieces! It was love at first sight for me when I found these beautiful pieces created by Betsy Treacy Siber in Chicago. And just like receiving a letter in the mail, these pieces have a wonderful element of surprise. Each one comes with a card that tells you which eras and countries your stamps are from.

The reclaimed stamp bracelet features magnetic clasp and since each bracelet is handmade the stamps and colors will vary. The reclaimed stamp watch features a toggle clasp. Each watch is one-of-a-kind and will vary. The vintage stamp earrings are made in shades of blue or green.

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