Understanding the Concept of Green Travel

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“Green Travel” has become a much talked about subject with the Divisions for Sustainable Development. This is nothing more than a list of eco-friendly reminders, tips, and strategies that are being implemented with the divisions of sustainable development.

Green Travel is based around what is known as “Sustainable Tourism.” Essentially what this is doing is reducing the number of tourists to high impact tourist areas to ensure the preservation of tourist locations for future generations. It focuses solely on environmental integrity, economic development, and social justice.

A definition of sustainable tourism is articulated by the World Commission stated in 1989 – “(to meet) the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

With constant growth of tourist locations means several bad things happening to the area in question. Travelers tend to be ignorant of cultures and environmental treasures leading to the unacceptable treatment to some of these destinations. This could even have a negative influence on the indigenous people of the area because they will be hunting animals or tearing up exotic land to find artifacts to sell to tourist. There are many bad angles to an overpopulated tourist area that are eco-unfriendly.

Without paying attention to this subject we could see many beautiful parts of the planet earth abused until they are no longer what they are today. This would not be fair to future generations and certainly not to the earth. Tips to uphold sustainable tourism include hiring locals to help you see the area (or guides), staying in local hotels opposed to world-wide franchise chains, and supporting the life of the people who inhabit the tourist location.

Being a green traveler takes a little adjustment and a lot of common sense. Try imagining what the world would be like if we did not have things like air conditioning. This means instead of sitting in an air conditioned car or hotel room, you ride a bike, walk or hike, or use a pool or a body of water to stay cool while the sun is out. Visiting eco-friendly resorts that are designed with the earth in mind, offer great vacations without a huge impact! Implementing little changes that will help keep the world healthier and in better condition for the future is a responsibility we all have as inhabitants of the planet earth.

Going green is not a trend. To go green means to care about the world around you and be conscientious of the actions we are making. Seeing the big picture and realizing the consequences of what we do, or don’t do, is the first step in becoming a part of the go green movement.

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