Understanding Organic Gardening

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Organic gardening has become a bit of the trend in recent days and if you are interested in pursuing this endeavor, it will not be hard to find information related to organic gardening.  A majority of garden centers will offer organic seeds, soils, and composts on a consistent basis and are more than willing to offer advice.

The best aspects of going organic are the natural substances that are used as food as opposed to the harmful commercial fertilizers that are made with chemicals.  The most important part of organic gardening is understanding the nature of compost.  If you are just starting to learn about organic gardening, you must know that the more educated you are with compost, the better gardener you will become.  Compost is nothing more than vegetables, weeds, rotted leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, and anything you can name that never had meat or bone structure.  You can also make your own compost with manure if you are feeding your chickens, horses, and cows, and food that are non-medicated.  Some manure will require aging and you will want to contain the pile in some way.  This can be done by either making an organized pile, or you can find bins made of plastic, or wood, that you can keep it in.

Once you have worked out a way to house your compost, you will want to start adding the goodies such as old veggies, grains, garden trimmings, etc.  If you want to make your compost work more effectively and faster, you can layer the organic waste with newspaper (or anything that would yield the same effects) and let it work on its own.  All you will need to do is flip it with a shovel every so often.  There are even microbes you can purchase that will jumpstart the process.  The end goal is to create rich, dark, organic soil which will improve your garden soil by providing the plants with positive microbes and endless nutrients.

When your compost is ready (patience is a virtue because it could take a year or more to create the best possible compost), mix it into the garden soil with a shovel.  If you do not have the patience to make your own, you can always get some commercially. However, check the label to ensure that it is organic compost.

You will have to do some research regarding what plants will work better with the organic setup.  Once you get your plants in the ground it will be just a matter of weeding and watering.  There are also beneficial insects which will help protect against pests.  You can find these little helpers in garden centers, and between them and the organic method of gardening you will find it is the best avenue to take when wanting the best in your own agricultural endeavors.

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