Treasure Of The Sea Review: Reawaken The Senses With a Jar of Sensual Delight

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Anyone who knows me, understands I often find myself relaxing in a hot tub as a way to relax and unwind. While I enjoy a nice massage or a glass of wine, while hubby has been away for work, I have opted for a hot bath and glass of wine after a long day. Life can be hectic and we all need time to refresh our minds, body and soul!

When I was given the opportunity to review a product from Adult Store Eden, I was super excited! I have been contemplating a new area called “Green Your Sex Routine”, but have been hesitant, as I do not want to offend any of my wonderful readers. Eden allowed me to select a product I would be interested in trying, and as much as I wanted to introduce you all to some eco-friendly sex toys, I decided to first review a product that is sensual yet “not to adult”.

I selected the Treasure Of The Sea, KamaSutra Sea Salts. The luxurious bath salts feature blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea, packaged in a large container. The site claims, “After basking in this wondrous blend of nature’s own sea salts, sea weeds and organic moisturizers, you’ll emerge from the bath as Aphrodite herself emerged from the briny depths – skin softened, body nourished and soul reawakened”, so it sounded pretty good to me!

My package arrived the day before my husband flew home, so I made sure I packed it in our vacation bags (after I checked it out). I was shocked at how large the jar was, 20 ounces sounds big, but when you actually see it, it’s huge. I cracked the lid to smell and once the lid was cracked a fresh scent of wonder filled my nose. The container was filled with beautiful blue sands mixed with some white salts. A seashell scoop was nestled in the middle of the jar, perfect in size for adding the salts into as tub.

After our day together when we arrived back at the hotel and hubby went to get dinner. I called the front desk and asked them to let me know when he was on his way back to the room. The hubs had been gone for 7 months working half way across the world, so I wanted to surprise him with a little something special. I started filling the jacuzzi tub with warm water and two shells (the scoop is a shell) full of the beautiful blue bath sands. Within a few minutes the tub was full of crystal blue water was bubbling at the top and looked inviting. A fresh scent of nature and ocean filled the room and I would tell we were in for some relaxing time! The scent was soft enough to enjoy without being overpowering yet strong enough to awaken every sense.

I was hoping he would arrive back before the smell left the room and the water was cold. The phone rang, and I knew he would be back to the room at any moment. I quickly poured two glasses of wine, lit a few candles, and ran to hop in the jacuzzi before the door opened. I heard the door open and the hubs followed the luxe scent of relaxation into the jacuzzi room. His eyes lit up, when he saw the tub full of bubbled water and he quickly said “Babe it smells really good in here”. He wasted no time and climbed into the jacuzzi to see for himself just how good the bath felt and the wine tasted.

Needless to say, we totally enjoyed the alone time and relaxation time of pure silence, delightful scents created by the “20 oz revitalizing jar of sensual reawakening” (Treasure of The Sea), and bitter taste of wine.

{My Thoughts on Treasure Of The Sea}

  • Treasure of The Sea Salts dissolve quickly once in water creating blue water like paradise.
  • The bath salts do not create a pasty or slimy feel, as some bath salts do. It’s more of a velvety feel.
  • The relaxing scent is not overpowering, it’s just right. It’s a combination of fresh air mixed with ocean waters.
  • If you like a little bubble in your bath, you’re in luck, as it bubbles nicely but not to much.
  • It leaves your skin feeling soft.

I love the Treasure of the Sea bath salts! I am very impressed with the product and would not change anything about it! If your in need of a relaxing experience, alone or with your partner, it’s a product to try! Check out Eden’s large selection of other sensual bath and body products for your next sensual moment.

Disclosure: I was provided with a product of my choice for review. I selected the Treasure Of The Sea, with no payment received for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.

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