Straw Bale Houses for Eco Homes

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Straw bale building is on the rise amount eco home builders. Straw bale homes have been built since the early 1800’s and with the green building movement, more and more people are looking into straw bale building. Straw bale construction is a sustainable answer to housing needs.

For the homeowner looking for an eco-friendly home, using straw bale helps save our vital natural resources. The use of straw bales for building can have a big impact on our natural resources and air pollution. Since Straw is a renewable resource it is an excellent resource for green building.

Straw bale houses consist of stacking rows of bales on a raised footing or foundation. Bale walls can be tied together with bamboo, rebar, or wood, and then stuccoed or plastered. Most bales are typically covered with concrete mortar/stucco.

Here are some facts about straw bale homes:

  1. Building with straw bales can save the home builder on building costs.
  2. Straw bale construction is a low cost alternative for building highly insulating walls.
  3. Straw bale houses can save up to 75% on heating and cooling costs.
  4. Building with straw helps our planet by using the straw that would have been burnt, this eliminates additional air pollution.
  5. Straw bale homes have approximately three times the fire resistance of conventional built homes.
  6. Building with straw bales reduce the amount of wood used on a home building project making them eco homes of choice for many environmentalist.

If you would like to learn about a system of building that uses straw bale technology, we highly recommend this informative and useful straw bale construction site. Straw bale Innovations are a group of straw bale design and construction experts. They reveal all the latest tools and techniques in the emerging field of straw bale building. Click here to check out this great resource. They have many straw bale house plans, pictures of straw bale houses, and several how-to DVD’s for anyone interested in this eco building technique!

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