Soy Ink Tattoos: Eco Symbol Tattoos Show Off One Mans Dediction to Being Green

by admin

I recently had the opportunity to meet a fellow greenie online via Faceboook (I love that place) who not only had dedicated to being more eco-friendly, but also shows his love for Mother Earth with Ink. I stumbled upon Mike Allen one day while looking over a chat in a common green living group. When I noticed his profile picture (recycling symbol), I knew this has to be a cool guy and quickly sent him over a note and friends request.

Mr. Allen, currently has a few soy-based ink tattoos, two of which are common eco symbols; a recycling symbol and TerraPass Logo (carbon offset company). When I asked Mr Allen, what was his inspiration for his earth-promoting tattoos, he replied “All the tattoos I have are themed with something I enjoy in life. My eco-themed ones are a symbol of my love for what I believe in, and that would be living green and being sustainable as much as i can”. He says that is he is going to talk the talk, he better walk the walk and shows his dedication with his totally rock-star tattoos!

Mr. Allen’s dedication to being more eco-friendly has not stopped there, as he is working on a start-up eco business also! His business teaches businesses and homeowners how to make their homes or offices greener. The new business will educate people on ways to reduce fuel consumption, improve insulation,  and eco-friendly ways to save money.

To learn more about Mike or connect with him, check out his facebook page at

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