Solar Power Blasts Electricity Bills Away

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domestic_solar_power_system_1-300x253-8871050Everyone knows the Sun is the number one energy source. In fact, Solar heating has been around for thousands of years, warming up the earth. Now, technology is able to convert this solar energy directly into electric power for your home.

In fact, using the sun for energy is not such a new idea. In the 19th century, where no heating system or hot water was available, the first solar energy system was born. Metal tanks were placed onto roofs filled with water, effectively heating them up on sunny days and saving them for colder rainier nights.

Now, these chunky metal tanks have been replaced by slim, high tech solar heating panels.

With utility energy prices soaring, installing a solar panel into your home is currently one of the best investments. Solar panels can provide half of your homes annual heating or electricity requirements, reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint for the future.

Installing a Solar Panels for your Home doesn’t have to be complicated! With advancement in technology, solar power is becoming more and more accessible to the average person. Pick one with a simple installation process.

  • Quick set up
  • Simple plug in operation
  • Safe for DIY installations

For the home installer, less parts, fewer steps and safer installations for your household are a great advantage. Solar energy panels have no moving parts. All you have to do is mount the panels somewhere facing towards the sun and plug all the wires together. There is no need for additional fuel or replacing parts. In fact, solar panels can last a lot longer than the 30-40 year estimates many people give. Some of the first solar panel cells are still producing power today!

So how do Solar Panels work for you?

Buying solar panels are becoming cheaper and easier to install. Knowing a few of the basics can help you figure out how many panels you need, and how much it can reduce your energy usage. Many solar modules vary in size and power. The best system for your home or business should be flexible and easily optimized.

Each panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into usable AC electricity with the use of photovoltaic cells. This is then fed into your homes electricity panel to distribute the power to the rest of the building. Excess power is redirected to your utility.

Looking for solar heating panels?

You can decide where the energy goes.

Solar panel modules are ideal to use, as they come in a diverse range of sizes. What is more, you don’t have to buy a set amount of panels for a system to work. AC modules allow you to pick how many panels you wish to install for your house, allowing you a flexible budget and layout. Solar panel price does not have to be costly at all.

How can you install Solar Panels?

Currently, photovoltaic systems require qualified expertise to install your solar panels. Usually this means higher prices for professionals to design, set up and install these cells. Sometimes they can mean complex designs with potentially dangerous DC voltages. Fortunately some systems simplify solar panel systems, making your product more inexpensive and minimizing installation time.

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