Solar Power at Home With Energy Alternatives

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solar-power-at-home-150x150-3239303Most families today are motivated to reduce their global footprint, consume less, use sustainable resources and build homes that incorporate renewable energy practices, such as utilizing solar power. But what if you want to incorporate these practices without having to turn your world upside down? It is possible to make smarter purchases in your life without having to raise the roof and install solar panels.

The following are the best small scale ways to harness solar power for use in your own home.  Outdoor lighting can all be replaced so that solar power is the main source of energy.  The lighting collects solar energy during the day, via strategically placed panels, and the outdoor lights shine all day. Solar powered ceiling appliances can be added to the home as well, through the use of solar power panels that are retro fitted much in the same way a sun roof is.  The panels draw enough power through the day to allow ceiling fans and lights to run through the night.

Small electronics can be fitted to solar powered chargers usable both in the home and on the go.  Available in all different sizes, the portable chargers can accommodate one to three different small electronic devices, including cell phones, mp3 players and digital cameras.  When it comes to your larger appliances, advances in photovoltaic devices have made it possible to harness enough solar energy to provide up to eighty percent of the power needs of a refrigerator. In a few years, it will be possible to run all your large appliances with the help of solar power and hot water.

Each of these alternatives, when used together, are a great way to reduce your dependence on energy and consume less, which is beneficial to your wallet and power consumption.  The more ambitious, but hampered by a budget, can still add individual solar panels to a home roof a few at a time until an entire grid is created.  Any changes made in your home’s consumption of energy is a good thing though, no matter how small.

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