Sip & Seed Birdfeeder Brings Nature (Wild Birds) To You

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bird-feeder-2-150x150-6242052This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks ago I was sent a sip & seed birdfeeder to test out and review. When I was contacted about the opportunity, I was pretty excited because I love teaching my kids about nature and they love watching the wild birds that often visit. I have never purchased a wild bird feeder, so I was excited to get it here and went to the pet store to get mixed bird seed prior to the arrival.

The Sip & Seed birdfeeder is very pretty, actually a wonderful accent to any home or patio. I decided to hang it in the front of our home above my flower bed because we spend a lot of time in the front of the house, plus it was to gorgeous to hide in the backyard. The birdfeeder is made of a durable plastic and finished with an antiqued copper. It truly looks like a rather expensive piece.

bird_feeder-5399796Feeder hanging above my flowerbed directly under the roof.

The birdfeeder arrived together and just needed to be filled with birdseed and water. The feeder has interchangeable bases that allows for for seed & water, just seed or just water, what ever you prefer. I decided to put birdseed on one silos (cylinder) and water in the other, since it is starting to warm up here. Adding water and seed was a breeze as it comes apart easily and goes back together the same.

After hanging the sip & seed birdfeeder I sat and watched, excited to see what feathery friends would visit! It did not take long (a few days) for the birds to take note and start flocking to the feeder! My children are excited to see the colorful birds that have been visiting daily, actually the entire family has enjoyed seeing all of the wild birds up close. Each day it seems like we have a new bird species to watch!

The over-all experience has been a lot of fun and educational for not only me, but my children have enjoyed seeing the colorful wild birds visiting daily! As we spot the new birds we get online to try and find out what species of bird they are, which has been exciting as well! If you enjoy nature or have children that are fascinated with birds, the sip & seed birdfeeder is a great way to invite nature to visit for all to enjoy; even for the inexperienced bird watcher!

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