Sauna – Using the Power of Heat and Humidity for the Benefit of the Body

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in-sauna-300x222-5821107What is the best way to get the benefits of sauna use? There are two types of common saunas: the steam and dry. The steam one most likely brings up visions of throwing water on hot rocks in a wooden room. That is the traditional method used in many Scandinavian countries. It is a similar method used in many sweathouses around the world. The dry one usually involves infrared heaters that help the body heat up instead of the room. In either case, you need to use common sense when using such a room to have the best benefits. If any point you feel faint or ill, you need to get out of the room as soon as possible.

To have a full experience, you need to add a cooling experience as well as a heating experience. This goes back to the tradition in Scandinavian countries of alternating between visits to the hot space and visits to the snow right outside the door. Alternating between the two acclimatizes the body to changes in temperature. Many people use this method of alternating cool and hot in order to sweat out illnesses. It is also an effective way to pull toxins out of the body through sweat. People that are intoxicated remove alcohol levels quicker by using the alternate hot and cold methods than does that fit in the normal temperature room.

What are some of the health conditions you can deal with by using the sauna? People that have chronic breathing issues such as asthma or chronic bronchitis get relief due to the high humidity levels. These sweat rooms help reduce the amount of pain in many people better than talk therapy. It helps people that have mild depression and those that are dealing with loss of appetite. Studies have shown that use of these rooms can help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and improve blood pressure issues in heart patients. Use of these rooms helps lower stress hormones and increase endorphins.

Many people use a sauna when they visit the local gym or when they go on vacation. However, more and more people want to have the same experience in their own home. If they install one in their home, they can use it anytime they want. They have more privacy and can use it by themselves or with partners. This makes the experience all the more personal for those that choose to install one in their home.

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