Reuse What You Have and Enjoy a Clutter-Free Day

by admin

In celebration of Earth Day I want to share with you the best tips that didn’t make it into my newest book  Stop Throwing Money Away: Turn Clutter to Cash, Trash to Treasure–And Save the Planet While You’re at It!

Grab these five items you probably already own and try these clever ways re-use them to get more organized today:

Cardboard Paper Towel Insert
For cords. Bend the extension cord back and forth then insert into the tube. Don’t forget to label the tube so you know what’s inside.

An Egg Carton
As a craft organizer. All those little compartments make a great place to sort and store brads, sequins, buttons and other little notions.

For paperwork. Use a clothespin to sort and identify papers. Simply clip similar papers together and label them by writing directly on the clothespin. At a glance you can tell the bills from the to be filed from the to be shred.

CD Cases
For recipes. Use the case to store and protect a few of the recipes you make all the time. Slide the recipe into the side where you’d usually place the CD then flip it up so it sits on the counter and you can read your instructions.

In the medicine cabinet. Adhere a magnet to the inside of the medicine cabinet door or under one of the shelves. Then you can stick tweezers or clippers to the magnet so they are within reach.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to tackle a project, if so I hope you’ll join me at the Bite Size Living Café where we have all sorts of great discussions taking place

Wishing you a clutter-free day! Jamie, The World’s Most Relatable Organizer

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