Remodeling Your Bathroom With Reclaimed Materials

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Everything that’s old will eventually be “new” again, because style comes and goes in a cyclical way. If it’s time to update your home, you can use salvaged or recycled materials for an eco-bathroom touch. From old sinks to shelving made from reclaimed wood, using repurposed materials is both cost-effective and good for the environment.

People that remodel with salvaged materials aren’t just being cheap- they like the way the old things look, and they don’t want to see them go to waste. Years ago, when a home was demolished, the scrap wood was thrown away or burned. But then, people got smart and offered to take the wood- and then they started using it for themselves or selling it. Reclaimed wood, like redwood, pine, fir and chestnut isn’t only attractive- it’s earth-friendly because it keeps trees from being cut down. Older wood is less likely to warp and change shape or color than newer pieces.

Recycled wood has a “look” and a history all its own. People that remodel with it like the way that every nail hole and nick is visible. Some use old screen doors to front cabinets, or use roofing pine to put a rough-hewn door on a china cabinet or armoire. Homeowners looking for a more ‘lived in’ feel turn to furniture makers who specialize in pieces made with reclaimed wood. Recycled wood can also be used in your ceilings, walls and floors. If you decide to use it in your bathroom (where there’s a lot of moisture), make sure that it’s dried properly and to sterilize and disinfect it first to prevent mold from growing.

Other things can be salvaged too- like tiles, tubs, sconces and toilet paper holders. You don’t even have to go digging through construction debris to find these things- they are widely available at salvage stores and online from places like eBay and Craigslist.

Old furniture, wood and bathroom fixtures have a quality and a look that newer ones (even those that are made to look old) just don’t have.

Bathroom items made with reclaimed wood

Lodge Reclaimed Vanity– This beautiful bathroom sink sink/vanity is individually hand crafted with reclaimed oak barnwood planks from 1800’s tobacco barns. It has a rustic country look to it, which I am not normally a fan of, but this pieces is beautiful! Made by Fireside Lodge, one of the leaders in the rustic furnishings industry. This vanity is not just a sink, but a charming heirloom of aesthetic and functional art.

Available in several size and finish options.

To find items made with reclaimed wood, is as simple as using the go ole Google! Do a search for “reclaimed wood sink” or “reclaimed wood bathroom”. There are lots of companies like Fireside Lodge creating reclaimed furnishings.

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