Recycled Tires for Playground Mulch

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The cash for clunkers program that helped many Americans trade in older vehicles for fuel efficent vechicles helped the environment but also created a surplus of tires that could have ended up in trash or landfills across the US. Rubbercycle is helping keep the tires from the trash by recycling them into mulch that can be used for playgrouns and landscaping.

curb2-3356181 “RubbeRecycle uses advanced technology to turn tires into new products like playground surfaces, rubber curbing and landscaping mulch,” said Keith Sacks, Vice President of RubbeRecycle. “The products made from recycled tires have been shown to be safe for kids and playgrounds. There have been more than a hundred studies over nearly two decades. It’s recommended by the EPA and Consumer Reports has given it two thumbs up. It’s safer than wood mulch, gravel and sand products,” says Sacks.

Playground rubber mulches are very popular because of their widespread usage. They offer better security features for the people who use the ground. The primary safety factor is that when kids fall on the ground, they will bounce back without any injuries. It acts like the shock absorbing material and hence the parents can trust the quality of these mulches.

Cities have been using recycled tire mulch in parks for more than a decade now. The White House recently chose to do the same. They built an environmentally-friendly playground at the nation’s capital. The surface they used is the RubbeRecycle’s Playsafer™ Mulch, which came recommended by the National Recreation and Park Association and the International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association.

The company currently processes between 5,000 and 7,000 tires a day and is designed to handle 2 million scrap tires annually.  It is amazing how just one company can recycle a product and stop so much from hitting trash piles and land fills.

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