Recycled Plastic Biodegradable Trash Bags

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DID YOU KNOW THAT NORMAL PLASTIC BAGS NEVER BIODEGRADE? Well, at least not for a thousand years or so.

That fact alone inspired the birth of Green Genius, a company that invented a biodegradable trash bag that has the strength and price of regular trash bags. The founder, Sam Paul, a serial entrepreneur, rounded up a team of geniuses and got to work inventing a biodegradable trash bag after several unsuccessful biodegradable trash bags were designed that just couldn’t do the job. Now Green Genius is on a mission to develop products across multiple categories that will help remove plastic from the environment.

Green Genius bags meet ASTM D5511, an industry standard for biodegradability. View the biodegradability report here. The company, Green Genius currently makes 13 gallon tall kitchen bags and 30 gallon outdoor trash bags.

Green Genius Trash Bag Facts..

  • They’re just as puncture resistant as national brands.
  • They have  strong drawstrings.
  • They’re priced the same as the national brands.
  • PLUS, they’re made from 40% recycled plastic.

Green Genius products are manufactured in the USA just outside of Dallas, Texas. This facility has received an Environmentally Preferred Rating accreditation, which certifies that it maintains environmentally sensitive production facilities.

To help get the word out about their recycled plastic trash bags, they are offering a free sample! Get your free trash bag sample here, hurry before they are all gone.

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