Recycle Your Plastic Easter Eggs Into Family Fun

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Today was a family day here in beautiful SE Georgia and I decided to take the kids on an Easter Egg hunt. I knew when we left that the eggs we would be collecting would more than likely be plastic. A “green no-no”, but I did not want my children to miss out on the fun of Easter. Holy cow was I shocked to learn we had 4 Easter egg hunts in our small town alone! The hunt we attended had 3000 plastic Easter eggs hidden for the kids to fight over. That sure is a lot of plastic to hit the trash cans of many homes today.

So, when we got home I started looking for some creative Easter Egg crafts for recycling these plastic beauties. Between my five children we have about 100 shiny colored eggs just sitting here! I was able to find some fun crafts that will recycle the eggs so they are not put into the trash. Here are 2 really cute crafts to help recycle all those plastic eggs, and yes, we will be making both tonite after we dye eggs.

Note: If you have no desire to have fun with your eggs, The Asheville Humane Society is collecting eggs for use and if you’re in the Asheville, NC area, eggs can be dropped off at 72 Lee’s Creek Road.

Easter Wreath Using Recycled Plastic Easter Eggs– This is a fun way to use your eggs and reuse it for many years to come! Display it on your front door or use it as a table centerpiece! When Easter is over, put in it the attic or in a closet for next year.

The instructions call for use of a glue gun and mini-glue sticks. I would opt for a non-toxic glue or paste for this project. Something like clementine natural glue would work well and it is safe for kids to use.


You can always turn your Easter eggs into Eggimals! What a cute name!

These adorable little egg-animals are made with your eggs, marker, felt and pom poms. If you have other similar items already at home, I am sure they will work just the same.

Another really fun idea would be to use an old cloth or fabric to create little shirts for the animals when they are completed.


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