Power pf Working in Numbers For a Green Cause

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green-cause2-1570614Ask anyone what the secret of being a successful advocate for a cause is and chances are that the majority will say having great numbers. Making the difference in your community, regardless of how big or small, is much easier when you have a large number of volunteers on your side, especially when that difference is related to green and eco-friendly causes.

Unfortunately, many people often shudder at the thought of having to raise interest and build a volunteer base before even promoting the cause. Take a minute and think of other successful causes in your area, such as those that are occasionally featured in the local news. What do they have in common? Numbers. People pay attention to numbers, news stations pay attention to numbers, and both are willing to help out if they feel you have something worthwhile to promote.

By having a large number of active supporters, you also inadvertently have a large number of promoters, sponsors, planners, etc. Someone almost always knows someone else who could help benefit the cause either directly or indirectly. Building up numbers is not terribly difficult to do, although it does take time and needs to be thought out well to make sure that the effort is successful. Follow the tips outlined below and your cause can get started with the best advantage possible.

Organize Early & Often
Do not fall into the trap of thinking that the green cause you are promoting is so amazing that it will literally “sell itself” when it comes to getting volunteers. Always play it on the safe side and organize for a strong set of numbers early in the game. Arrange a series of about three meetings, each time asking your initial group to pledge their support by naming one person that they will bring to the next meeting. It is not hard to do, and will help your cause get a running start.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help
With a fair amount of starting supporters, you have some type of collective power. Call up local news and radio stations and ask them to help promote the cause. Explain that it is for the benefit of the local community, and that their help is appreciated. Whether you get an interview or just a general mention about your group, the time will be worth it. Be sure to call them back afterwards and let them know that you will be hosting an event, rally, etc., and ask them to cover it.

Let People Know What You Are Doing
Talk to local business owners and other organizations in your area. While informing the general public should definitely be a priority, the fact is that business owners and local organizations can do plenty to help in terms of free publicity and gaining new volunteers. Speak to local groups such as The Fraternity of Free & Accepted Masons, The Kights of Columbus, Rotary Club, etc. Every little bit of extra support will help.

Ready to start generating some activity for your cause? Plan out the meetings, call the press, and start organizing events for the public. Best of luck to your cause and remember that with the right numbers, anything is easier to promote.

Do you have your own tried and proven technique for generating activity and building up a supporter base? Please share and discuss below via the the comment form.

Guest Bio: Sabas Chapa is an online web entrepreneur and freelance writer. His is currently writing an e-book how to find, purchase, and use an electric knife sharpener to make kitchen duties much easier. 

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