Plastic Grocery Bags Check Out and Eco-Bags Check In

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A man by the name of Gordon Dancy introduced plastic grocery bags in 1977. Over, thirty years later, his daughter, has decided to dump the plastic grocery bags and created the ‘MYeco Bag’ system. Ms. Brown is President of Green Waste Solutions, a consulting company that works with federal, state, and local government to implement residential and commercial waste reduction programs. Myeco Bag creator, realized that around 80 million plastic shopping bags end up as litter in our environment each year and she felt the need to step up and help stop the plastic madness!

Twenty five years of environmental experience inspired Kristen to develop a solution to the longstanding question ‘Plastic or Paper’? Re Use! Keeping in mind America is a society driven by convenience and consumption, she designed ‘Myeco Bagging System’ reusable shopping bags to be the practical answer for both consumers and supermarket staff.

The new eco-friendly grocery bags consist of four shopping bags in one storage tote system. “MYeco Bagging System is an arrangement of bags functioning as one unit within the shopping cart which operationally makes packing easier than ever for baggers and cashiers”, says Kristen.  During checkout, the bags fit directly into the shopping cart revolutionizing the conventional process of bagging groceries. When groceries reach the back of the checkout, they are placed directly into your Bags within the cart.

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