Phoenix Artist Recycles Junk Mail Into Art

by admin

Arizona-based Artist, Sandhi Schimmel Gold, knows all to well about the amount of paper waste thrown away yearly. She is using her artist talents to turn advertising ephemera, menus and greeting cards into modern eco-friendly fine art. The art uses water-based, acid-free, non-toxic materials and upcycled junk mail the artist collects.

With a variety of mediums to choose from, Sandhi Schimmel Gold prefers creating her art with junk mail. The Arizona-based artist creates amazing portraits by upcycling paper destined for landfill. “My pictures are made of thousands of incongruent pieces—images and text.”

Schimmel Art was founded with a mission: to create extraordinary fine art while re-using materials that might go to waste. The artist recycles canvas and frames and uses adhesives and lacquers that are acid-free, water-based and non-toxic to complete her work. It is truly eco-friendly fine art.

To find out more about the artist and her eco-friendly art work, exhibits and dates visit

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