Parent’s Choice; Cheaper Baby Formula With The Same Nutrition

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Three out of my five children were breastfeed until they were ready to ween. I allowed my babies to tell me when they were ready to move on and began infant formula. Whether you breastfeed or did not, if you have to introduce formula, knowing your baby will still consume key nutrients is important. Even though no mommy wants to sacrifice nutrition, some of the “big brand” infant formulas can range between $15-25 per can of powdered formula (in my area). Depending on your baby’s eating habits, babies can consume 2-4 cans per week!

As a mom of five children, I am always looking for ways to save money, but want only the best for my little ones (which is why I breastfed as long as possible). There are many different formulas available all claiming to be better than the next, yet when you become a label reader they are all contain basic nutritional values. Some formulas are soy based, have added DHA, ARA, or organic, each one offering some different values; all created to meet baby’s basic nutritional needs.

Parent’s Choice Infant Formula is Exclusive to Walmart Stores across the globe. Their formula is created using the same FDA standards, yet sells for a fraction of national brand baby formula. There website has a Formula Finder that will help you select the best formula for your baby based on your answers provided in the poll. After I answered the simple questions, it recommended the Organic baby formula for my baby. It seems like a match to me, as I always try to buy organic.

According to the Parent’s Choice website… Fortified with iron, Parent’s Choice ORGANIC baby formula is the first nationally distributed organic baby formula containing lipids that is nutritionally complete and meets the strict nutritional guidelines determined by the FDA.

Even if you do not typically use Organic formulas, Parent’s Choice also has several other formulas, so your sure to find a good formula to fit your lifestyle.

Their Savings Calculator, compares the prices of Parent’s Choice formula to national brands to show just how much you can save by using or switching to Parent’s Choice formula’s. We currently use Similac® Organic formula and I was shocked at the savings different in Similac® Organic and Parent’sd Choice Organic formula.

The Savings Calculator shows Parent’s Choice formula $9.91 cheaper than what we currently use and makes 5 additional ounces. I currently use 3 cans per week of formula. Switching would save me right at $30 per week! That would be an additional  $120 per month I could save in one of the kids college funds! That’s $1440 per year in savings!

If you have not had a chance to try out the Parent’s Choice formula, I suggest checking out the Formula Finder and the Savings Calculator to see how much your family can save a month!

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