Paper or Plastic? Neither, Hand Me My Ecobag Please!

by admin

Most grocery stores now ask…. Would you prefer paper or plastic? I just love saying I can not believe you even offer plastic bags neither! Often I get looks like, so you think your superwoman and can carry your groceries huh? Just as I feel that look coming out, I break out my reusable grocery bags and my ECOBAGS resuable totebag, I was given a few months ago.

I began using reusable shopping bags a few years ago and have tons of reusable shopping bags from different companies, all which work well and some serve better purpose than others. Such as the ECOBAGS Classic String Bag. These bags are not just for groceries and they do not look like the typical canvas shopping bag. The totes are expandable and have a somewhat hippie-ish look that is fun and serves as a ”go anywhere” bag.

As an example, I have used my ECOBAGS® Tote at the farmers market, the grocery store, as a diaper bag and even used it as a weekend getaway bag!  So much for paper bags or plastic bags, my Classic String Bag is a do everything bag! It stretches, can hand getting dirty (mashine washable) and is durable!

Not only is the ECOBAGS® shopping bag cool, the company has been around long before the “going green” fad kicked in. Before it was cool and before every other company tried to jump in on the new found hot niche, ECOBAGS® was there; since 1909 to be exact. Eco-Bags Products, Inc. opened for business in 1989 and introduced their bags at the 1990 Earth Day celebration New York City. The bags were a hit and the brand took off!

The woman owned company is hip, fun and has been offering environmentally-friendly, socially produced goods for a long time! The brand is actually one of the 1st original reusable bag companies!

ECOBAGS® tote bags are available in natural and certified organic cotton, recycled cotton and hemp/cotton blends. They also have canvas bags, bread & produce bags and some really cute Make Love Not Carbon and Talk Green to Me totes.

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