Organic Skin Care Products From Garden of Eve

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Garden of Eve offers skin care products that are 100% safe and ecologically-friendly. Organic cold-pressed oils, organically grown wildcrafted herbs and unrefined, unbleached hand-pressed butters and waxes are all used to create the natural skin care products at Garden of Eve. All skin care products offer a unique, beautifying experience to consumers through the use of carefully selected whole plant ingredients.

Garden of Eve was created by Eve Stahl, a health consultant and beauty expert with a passion for protecting the planet. Producing organic skin care products became a passion for Eve, who developed serious illnesses due to exposure to toxic chemicals. Eve’s own experience with environmental sensitivity and sensitive skin issues led her on a journey that eventually resulted in the creation of her own company. She built Garden of Eve based on green business practices, such as using reusable and recyclable packaging materials from suppliers’ shipments and local stores that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Using plant ingredients rather than synthetic petro-chemicals, printing on recycled paper, and choosing Energy Star-rated electronic equipment are some of the other green choices that Garden of Eve makes in doing its part. Eve is also a participating member of the Green America Business Network and a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

A “face for the ages” (not an aging face), and a healthy radiant appearance can be achieved using pure natural plant ingredients, like those found in Garden of Eve Skin Care systems. Even better, their use can help to protect the planet. In her book, “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” author Kim Erickson writes, “Many of the ingredients used in cosmetics are environmental pollutants. Along with the waste produced during the manufacturing process, millions of gallons of synthetic chemicals are washed down the drain and into the sewer every day. Garden of Eve products lead the way in safety scores and sustainability practices.

The Garden of Even organic skin care product line offers skin care solutions for oily and dry skin, aging skin, acne and rosacea. The “Expectantly Lovely” line, created specifically for pregnant women, offers beneficial skin care for all skin types with ingredients that are carefully selected for the safety of mom and baby. Garden of Eve hand and body care products consist of a luxurious cream base, blended with organic essential oils and herbal extracts. The “Adam” skin care line allows men to cleanse, shave and moisturize naturally, with ingredients tailored to men’s skin care needs.

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