Organic Kids Clothes by Happy Green Bee

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When it comes to trendy organic children’s clothing, Happy Green Bee has a nice selection. The bold colors of their organic kid’s clothing line inspires creativityHappy and is eco and socially conscious. Green Bee is on a create cheerful gender-free organic kids clothing with sustainable earth friendly manufacturing practices in an effort to meet and increase the demand for organic children’s clothing that not only looks and feels great but is contributing in positive ways to the welfare of our planet. Happy Green Bee products are made in fair-trade-certified factories that are monitored for worker health and safety.

Note: Clothing made with organically grown cotton does not retain toxic residues; it is a pure, natural, and breathable fiber.

What I love most about the Happy Green Bee organic clothing is everything is interchangable. It all matches and can be mixed and matched with pants, leggins, skort or shorts. Just  two complete outfits can be mixed and create four different outfits! For moms looking to save, there is no better way than to buy two outfits that turn into four!

Organic Tee, Leggins and Hoodie

All of their organic kid’s clothing is available in bold colored stripes or solids. They also have matching socks, hats and oither accessories. Visit the Happy Green Bee website to view all organic kid’s clothing.

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