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René Geneva Designs Hemp Silk Corset

Sometimes all it takes is a bra and panties.  Then there are more sophisticated options like lacey little camisoles, baby-dolls, and nightgowns, or more complex accoutrements like garter-and-stocking sets, corsets, teddies, and merry widows.  And you can always spice things up by selecting something naughty like see-through, cup-less, or open-crotch versions of your favorite lingerie.  Or try initiating a little role-playing with a sultry nurse or secretary costume.  There are so many options when it comes to getting him in the mood, it can sometimes be hard to choose.  But what if you’re a sexy librarian who also wants to save the earth?  What are your options for bedroom apparel?  Actually, there are a fantastic number of clothing manufacturers who offer green lingerie for the eco-friendly seductress.  And here are a few to peruse.

  1. Stella McCartney offers a wide variety of pieces from the see-through to the frou-frou, as well as a number of satiny, lacy, and chic styles.  And in keeping with her well-known sensibilities, she uses organic and eco-friendly materials.
  2. Enamore comes to us from across the pond, and it’s anything but the Queen’s lingerie.  With eco-chic offerings like flirty be-ribboned baby-dolls, animal print bra-and-panty sets, and even attention-grabbing pasties, you can get a little eco-freak on with these tasty undergarments made from organic, sustainable, and vintage fabrics.
  3. Eco-Boudoir offers a unique assortment of flowy garments for the sophisticated woman, from frilly panties and silky sleep-wear to sheer nightgown and robe sets in tropical prints.  Made from certified organic cotton and eco-silk, their under-things are guaranteed to feel like a soft second skin.
  4. Clare Bare is a Brooklyn-based retailer that sells wares via Etsy.  Styled as the self-proclaimed anti-Victoria’s Secret, this line offers sexy knickers with alluring ruffles, bows, and lacings that beg to be touched and tugged (not to mention a heart-shaped patch here and there), but also some harder to find items like garter belts, lace-up hot shorts, and waist cinchers.  All undergarments are made from super soft organic bamboo jersey and vintage fabric.  As a bonus, some items can be custom-ordered to size.
  5. René Geneva Designs offers, amongst other eco-friendly clothing items, such intimates as corsets, waist cinchers, garter belts, and stockings.  Their garments are made from some interesting fabrics, from hemp silk to vintage lace and even tree bark!  While they don’t have the standard bra-and-panty fare, they do have some unique, high-fashion, couture items that can be worn in the bedroom or even out on the town.

While eco-chic fashions can certainly get pretty pricey (especially when it comes to the barely-there items), there are affordable options for the scantily-clad eco-fashionistas among us (the price range shouldn’t surprise anyone who has bought lingerie before).  And you don’t have to spend a fortune to look sexy and save the world at the same time, so swath yourself in Earth-friendly fabrics or dare to wear the greenest outfit of all (your birthday suit!).

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