Organic Consumers Association Filed Complaint With the USDA

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oca-3661184This month the Organic Consumer Association and a group of organic personal care companies have filed a complaint with the USDA in an effort to stop Organic fraud. The complaint requests Federal action on deceptive organic labeling and advertising of personal care products. Since many companies are realizing that more consumers are wanting natural and organic products, many are making false claims in an effort to increase sales. The products in questions include bodywashes, facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing lotions, lip balms, make-up and other cosmetic products.

The Organic Consumers Association is requesting a federal investigation into the labeling practices of several mainstream brands, who label and sell products, promoted as “Organic”. According to the complaint filled, none of the “so-called” organic products comply with the NOP Regulations for a packaged, multi-ingredient products. Several of the manufacturers under scrutiny have been accused in the past of false claims and others have had this coming for some time.

The Companies Included in the USDA Complaint

  1. The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.,  makers of JASON “Pure, Natural & Organic” and “Avalon Organics” products;
  2. Kiss My Face Corporation, makers of “Kiss My Face Organic” and “Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic” products;
  3. Levlad, LLC, makers of “Nature’s Gate Organics” products;
  4. YSL Beauté, Inc., makers of “Stella McCartney CARE 100% Organic Active Ingredients” products;
  5. Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc., makers of “Giovanni Organic Cosmetics,” “Giovanni Organic Body Care” and “Giovanni Organic Hair Care” products;
  6. Cosway Company, Inc., makers of “Head Organics” products;
  7. Country Life, LLC (“Country Life”), makers of “Desert Essence Organics” products;
  8. Szep Elet LLC,(“Ilike Organic”), makers of “Ilike Organic Skin Care.”
  9. Eminence Organic Skin Care, Inc., a Canadian corporation(“Eminence Organics”), makers of “Eminence Organic Skin Care” products;
  10. Physicians’ Formula Holdings, Inc. (makers of Organic Wear), makers of “Organic Wear” products;
  11. Surya Nature, Inc., makers of “Sapien Organic” products;
  12. Organic Bath Company, makers of “Organic Bath” and “Organic Baby’ products;
  13. Freeman Beauty Division of pH Beauty Labs, Inc. makers of “Freeman Goodstuff Organics” products.

JASON “Pure, Natural & Organic” personal care products do not contain at least 95% organic ingredients. And those products contain numerous non-agricultural substances not
allowed by section 205.605. In fact, the major cleansing ingredients in Hain Celestial’s “JASON Pure Natural and Organic” personal care products are not made from organic material at all ; rather, all such ingredients are made from conventional agricultural material combined with petrochemicals.

None of the Kiss My Face products for cleansing the skin and hair that are advertised as “Organic” contain anything close to 95% organic ingredients (excluding water and salt) and all of them contain numerous substances not allowed by section 205.605. Indeed, the main cleansing ingredients of these products are derived from conventional, rather than organic, agricultural material and/or are made with petrochemicals, such as Olefin Sulfonate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Being an informed consumer can help eliminate fraudulent or misleading organic claims, so be sure to research any products you purchase! Since many of the companies are “large- main-stream” companies, one could just assume their claims are legit, while in fact many are not 100% organic, as their label wants the consumer to think.

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