Organic Bear Promotes Babywearing

by admin

A new stuffed animal made of organic cotton for children that promotes babywearing, is the newest addition to NAP, Inc.’s product line-up. This adorable eco-friendly bear is perfect for children 3 years and older who love being worn by mom or children who see mom wearing a baby. The eyes, nose and mouth are embroidered, so there is no risk of a choking hazard.

NAP, Inc., also know as Sleepy Wrap, has been around for some time now and offers comfortable baby wraps. I switched from a ring sling to a Sleepy Wrap shortly after my 2nd son was born and have enjoyed my Sleepy Wrap with my 3rd son as well. Needless to say, I am excited about this new little bear. My daughter loves to play with my baby wrap and puts her dolls into it and runs around the house, so I am sure she will love the new Sleepy Bear!

The Sleepy Bear is available at for $19.95

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