Obama and McCain Agree on Green Energy

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In a recently released statements Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, it seems like the two of them agree on the situation of energy in America, and that we should go more green.

Despite the financial situation that is plaguing the country, the two candidates have both kept energy in their minds. Both candidates for president spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York:

Quoted: For the future of our economy, nothing is more essential than a secure and affordable supply of energy.

Current economic pain is because the “price of oil is too high, and the supply of oil too uncertain,” he said. The solution? “We must shift our entire energy economy toward a sustainable mix of new and cleaner power sources,” from wind and solar power to nuclear power to “other sources yet to be invented.” – Sen. John McCain

“No single issue sits at the crossroads of as many currents as energy. Our dependence on oil and gas funds terror and tyranny; it has forced families to pay their wages at the pump; and it puts the future of our planet in peril. This is a security threat, an economic albatross, and a moral challenge of our time.” He proposed his litany of energy ideas–$150 billion for alternative energy, new technology to make coal and nuclear power safer, and took a page from Henry Kissinger’s playbook: “We’ll build an alliance of oil-importing nations, and work together to reduce our demand, and break the grip of OPEC.” – Sen. Barack Obama

Source: The Wall Street Journal

This challenge is not one that the country should take lightly, and is sure to come up further in their campaigns.  This country needs to find a solution to a situation that could quickly get out of hand.

In my personal opinion, its good to see that this is a major topic in the upcoming election.  I for one, am tired of paying such high prices for gas, and acknowledge the fact that we need to do something in the United States to change the track we are on.  Whether it is alternative energy sources, more drilling for oil, or some new technology, I don’t know.  What I do know is that finding the solution is imperative.  Make sure to check around here for more tips for going green… and let me know what you think about this!!

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