Nature’s Bounty is Growing Greener

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Another Company in The Green News!

Nature’s Bounty has announced launching the Healthy You, Healthy Earth campaign, a company-wide effort to be a responsible steward of our planet. These efforts will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 5 million pounds of CO2 per year.

Nature’s Bounty is a leading global vertically integrated manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a high-quality nutritional supplements in the United States and throughout the world. So the company is already helping the world stay health and now with the going green efforts will help keep our planet healthy too!

It is always exciting to hear more and more companies going green!

The new green efforts at Nature’s Bounty build on a solid foundation of nature-friendly policies already in place, while also reaching into new areas of corporate responsibility and community outreach. For example, the bottles used for over 300 products are made from either recyclable PETE or HDPE plastic. Plus, an already efficient packaging and boxing process is being made even greener with the use of redesigned materials that will reduce the use of corrugated cardboard. And on-site changes to lighting (switching to CFC lighting), printing labels with water-based inks, and a new “green taskforce” to look for further areas of change are all part of US Nutrition’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by 5 million pounds of CO2 per year.

Nature’s Bounty has even gone a step further, partnering with several “get green” organizations. “We wanted to go beyond our own products and processes,” O’Connell explained. “It’s important to us to give back to the planet; after all, helping others live a healthier life is in our very nature.”

Toward that end, Nature’s Bounty has partnered with Trees for the Future — an environmental organization that plants trees all around the world; and the Go Green Initiative — whose efforts to educate children about the environment has reached around the globe. So far, Trees for the Future has planted over 50 million trees, which remove approximately one million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year. Nature’s Bounty’s goal is to help them plant one million more trees by 2010.

That is one more socially responsible company who is understanding the Go Green Movement!

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