Natural Ways to Treat Morning Sickness

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natural-morning-sickness-150x150-7337350Morning sickness can be rough, and so can trying to find a way to stop it. I spent 5 months of my second pregnancy sick with all-day morning sickness before finally finding remedies to help ease the nausea!

If you’d like to help ease your morning sickness symptoms without resorting to medicine, here are some completely natural remedies found to help.

-Eat smaller meals, roughly every two hours. Eating smaller amounts more often helps aid in digestion. Pregnancy makes your digestive system work that much slower, allowing the growing baby to get their nutrition from what you eat.

-When you do feel queasy, take ginger tablets. They will help with the nausea and also with your digestion. You can buy ginger tablets at any health food store- or if pills aren’t your thing, you can eat ginger crackers or drink ginger ale. Some women say that they are more sensitive to smells when they’re pregnant, so now isn’t the time to experiment in the kitchen or with a new fragrance. Keep it simple!

-Vitamin B6 is also a good way to relieve your morning sickness. Aim for 100 mg a day. Or, you could just take a good prenatal vitamin (most have B6 in them). Alternatively, some stores have B6-enriched lollipops if you can’t take the vitamin tablets. (this did not work well for me and made it worse, but has worked well for several of my friends)

-Peppermint tea or lemon water can help with both morning sickness and indigestion. Tea is full of antioxidants and can also help with constipation, but be careful- some women can’t tolerate large amounts of caffeine during pregnancy.

-Take a calcium supplement, it will help keep you regular. You can also take probiotics for this purpose- they’re found in yogurt, or in tablet form.

-Eat sunflower seeds. They’re chock-full of folic acid, and are a great source of protein, not to mention easy on the tummy. I always kept a pack with me at all times!

The above tips are helpful for most women, but if you’ve tried most or all of these natural morning sickness remedies and they didn’t work, you should tell your doctor.

If you know of a tip now shown, please leave me a comment and share it~

Photo © Rachel Titiriga Disclosure: I am not a doctor, I simply offer advice on natural health that I have personal experience with! If you have any questions about a natural remedy, talk with your health provider.

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