Modern Rugs to Accent Your Eco-Friendly Decor

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Decorating is one of my major passions and I am always re-arranging my home, changing out decor and looking for ways to change my rooms up for a fresh feel. When we put our bamboo floors down, the livingroom instantly took on a new look. With the new look however, came cold floors. There is nothing I detest more than walking on a cold floor with bare feet. So, I went on the hunt for rugs I could use in different areas, that would go with my modern home design.

The search for modern rugs is not always an easy one, when your looking for a specific design that is also eco-friendly. I wanted either a wool, bamboo, or jute area rug for my living room, but did not want to spend $3000 on a modern rug either. If you have ever rug shopped, you already know that area rugs, especially made with eco-friendly materials, can get up there in price. Stores like All Modern, have a large selection of rugs that are in all price ranges and made from many materials.

During my modern rug search, I happen across some beautiful rugs from All Modern, which is a CSN Store. All Modern has everything a moder home could dream off! From modern furniture, bedding, lamps, to rugs and even wall art. After working with CSN stores in the past, here on GGS on a giveaway, I already knew how fast their shipping was and the customer service I could expect when shopping from their 200+ stores.

Check out these modern rugs I found that are eco-friendly and oh so perfect for a green mod home!

block-wool-rug-150x150-5953640Balanced Design Big Block Wool Rug– Is the design of this rug awesome or what? It’s so trendy, I find it hard not to love, even though it matches nothing in my house! Made in the USA from 100% New Zealand wool, this cut and loop pile area rug will help brighten up a room as well as help buyers be eco-conscious. Balanced Design has an urban and utilitarian tone that uses eco-friendly material whenever possible, and has the simple goal to reduce, reuse or recycle through their wide variety of home décor.

Available in 2 different colors.

coral-modern-rug-150x150-6365928Thomas Paul Coral Rug in Cream / Brown– This rug reminds me of a fall day with twigs on the ground! Dunno, why but it does, and i love it! Brown and cream are colors often found in nature and I always welcome them into my home decor. The rug is hand-made of  100 % New Zealand wool. Designed by Thomas Paul, whom began his design career working with known brands such as Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and DKNY.

Don’t think this design is perfect for your home? Check out the other Thomas Paul rugs!

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