Mineral Makeup; The Benefits on Skin

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make-up-flickr-150x150-3878188The latest trend in cosmetics and natural cosmetics is mineral makeup. It’s very environmentally friendly, because it uses only organic and natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any additives, preservatives, oil, fragrance, or other irritants. The synthetic ingredients found in other kinds of makeup can irritate the skin and cause acne, dry skin, and clogged pores. Most mineral makeup is made by grinding iron, titanium and zinc oxides into a fine powder. This powder is then tinted with various natural pigments to create different shades.

The minerals in the makeup are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties , and the titanium dioxide is a natural sunscreen. Mineral makeup usually is a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and finishing powder all in one. Its texture is more natural, lighter, and it allows your skin to “breathe” more easily. The natural ingredients nourish and protect your skin.

One of the best things about mineral makeup is that it doesn’t further outline your wrinkles. If you have fine lines or crow’s feet, the makeup will soften and hide the wrinkles. Your skin will look smooth, soft, healthy, and even younger. Mineral makeup doesn’t flood your skin with oils, additives and chemicals. As it is a dry powder, it can last indefinitely and will not encourage the growth of bacteria.

Most women that wear mineral makeup love it because they say it feels as if they are wearing no makeup at all. The minerals soothe itchy and inflamed skin, and can even help with bruises. It’s so safe and gentle, you can even sleep in it. Mineral makeup allows you to nourish and protect your skin, much like an expensive spa treatment would.

Mineral makeup enjoyed popularity in the 70s, and it is even more widely used today. It’s sold through TV infomercials, online, and in stores throughout the country. There are three main companies that sell different formulas of mineral makeup- Mary Kay, Bare Minerals, and Raw Minerals and smaller companies creating more affordable mineral cosmetics- Orglamix .

Mary Kay, known for its high quality, says that its mineral makeup line is one of the company’s top sellers. However, as with all of their products, your going to spend a pretty penny!They offer six different shades, each coming with a special applicator brush that affords full coverage. Bare Minerals is the oldest of the three companies, being around since the early 1970s, and Raw Minerals (the newcomer) is quickly taking over the market. They add other organic ingredients (like soybean and corn extracts) to further nourish the skin. Another wonderful smaller company, Orgalmix, is a newcomer in mineral cosmetics and I have 1st hand experience with their products. Check my Orglamix mineral makeup review.

Mineral makeup has so many benefits, there’s really no wonder why it’s so popular. If you want the best for your skin, I highly recommend giving mineral cosmetics a try! If you aren’t sure about it, try a sample before you buy. This innovative makeup has changed the cosmetics industry- wearing it will make you look and feel great!

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