Mia Bella Scented Soy Eco Candles

by admin

Who said candles could not be eco friendly?

The Mia Bella candle wax is made up of all-natural renewable materials. The highly scented candles has almost no soot what so ever, the wicks are lead free and also core free (no zinc) and are made from 100% cotton.

If you are looking for eco-friendly greener candles that smell good, these candles are even better! Unlike some candles that are made with all-natural fragrance oils these candles are made with highly scented fragrance oils. Jar candles and votives are available in over 100 scents! You’re sure to find an eco candle scent you will fall in love with!

Cleaner burning eco candles are the choice of many today!

Visit http://www.gourmetmiabella.com today to learn more about their green candles.


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