Method Laundry Detergent Get’s 8x’s Greener

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method_laundry-9818164Method, a leader in eco-friendly household and personal care products, is going even greener with their new 8x’s concentrated detergent. The new formula is biodegradable and is made from 95 percent natural and renewable ingredients such as coconut oil,coconut, soy and palm oils. Using drastically less water, plastic, energy and oil to produce than traditional detergent, the carbon footprint of new Method Laundry Detergent is 35 percent lower than standard 2x detergents.

Method Laundry Detergent with Smartclean Technology™ is packaged in a sleek, handheld pump bottle and uses a new formula to deliver cleaning power but with 1/4th the dose of the leading national brand.

“Our new laundry detergent is transforming the way we do laundry by eliminating heavy, drippy, messy jugs from the laundry room,” said Eric Ryan, Method co-founder and chief brand architect. “We believe in offering people a better experience in the home, and we’re confident this innovation will resonate with a wide range of consumers, from busy parents to urbanites who do laundry outside their homes.”

“We’ve created what we believe to be the world’s greenest laundry detergent,” said Adam Lowry, Method co-founder and chief greenskeeper. “We’re incredibly proud of this innovation, not only because it fights dirt in an entirely new way, but also because of the incredible consumer and environmental benefits it offers.”

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