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Watches are a great fashion accessory that can perform many functions and last much longer than other of today’s technologies. And unlike many of today’s technologies, watches are more ecologically friendly by their very nature – with smaller batteries, longer lasting appeal and collectability. On top of that, watch manufacturers are making a number of ecologically friendly watches that require little or nothing in the way of replacement batteries.

The battery is a pesky bit of human ingenuity that is efficient in many ways but also in its harm to the environment. Aside from the fact they can last centuries in a waste dump while possibly leaking toxins and low grade radioactivity, batteries cost a bundle of energy to manufacture, ship and replace – or even recycle. There are vintage windable watches that can be considered “green,” of course. But for people who consider these impractical and too much like (no pun intended) going back in time, there are more fashionable choices.

Here’s a look at some models.


Citizen’s Eco-Drive

Citizen makes a number of men’s watches in its Eco-Drive line. Citizen’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk Black Eagle is a beauty, retailing for less than $300. This fine watch features three world time alarms, a stainless steel case and bracelet and a power saver function.

If these “unstoppable” watches are good enough for the Eli Manning they should be good enough for the rest of us.

Another very popular choice is the Seiko orange monster. Some models in the Seiko orange monster line go for less than $100. Seiko makes some of the most reliable – and affordable – mechanical movements in dive watches. This line of watches is so unique it has its own fan base.

Some other eco –friendly watches to look out for include:

  • the Rolex Submariner, which comes with a hefty price tag just under $6,000
  • the watch 24′s Jack Bauer wears, the MTM Blackhawk, which has a lithium ion battery that can be recharged once every two months and lasts 10 years.

The Blackhawk has been tested for use by the Secret Service and Delta Force, so it’s definitely a watch for men.

That’s just a quick look at the many beautiful watches that can help you take a small step forward in eco-friendly fashion. Any of those makes a great addition to any men’s watch collection.

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