Los Angeles’ Organic & Vegan Food Resturant & Market

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Natural and organic food lovers in the Los Angeles area now have market to call their own with healthy and sustainably produced food. Locali Conscious Convenience has expanded its full service organic deli menu catering to environmentally concerned consumers and vegans. With agave-sweetened slushies, organic hot pretzels, soups, salads, sandwiches and vegan nachos, it’s no wonder this eco-convience market was chosen as one of LA Weekly’s Best of 2009.

Locali is one of the pioneers in the small footprint restaurant and retail movement that was founded in January 2009.  “All of our service ware and deli packaging is biodegradable. We commercially compost our waste. Our recycling program benefits Recycled Movie, a film production company that teaches vocational skills to children as they make movies about the environment,” notes Rosen, “We also encourage our customers to bring their reusable containers to fill up with free reverse osmosis filtered water, rather than sell petroleum-based plastic bottled water.”

For the consumer looking to reduce their meat intake or those who do not eat any animal products, their Tempeh meatball subs, vegan BLTs faux rosemary chicken salad sandwiches are a new option. In fact, any sandwich at Locali can be made with a non-GMO vegan meat substitute or cheese alternative upon request. All sandwiches can be made with gluten-free bread to accommodate those with celiac concerns. Since there’s something for everyone, it’s not a surprise that Locali’s catering services are increasingly in high demand.

Locali conveniently connects the community to eco-friendly food, beverage and lifestyle products. By providing easy access to socially and environmentally responsible goods, Locali promotes conscious consumerism and healthy living. For address or directions, visit their website at http://www.localiyours.com


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