Keep Baby Green With an Eco-Friendly Nursery

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You got married and bought a house, and because you take your devotion to a cleaner planet seriously, you made your home a bastion of eco-friendly sensibilities: solar panels, reclaimed cabinetry, and of course a recycling center.  And now that you’re in the family way, you feel that you have an even bigger responsibility, not only to ensure the health and well-being of your child, but to protect the future world they will live in.  So it’s only natural that you would want to create an eco-friendly nursery to wrap your child in all the comforts of home without harming the Earth in the process.


There are several products that can help you along the way.

  • Of course you’ll want to paint your nursery in soothing pinks or blues, or perhaps you have a bright and stimulating color scheme in mind.  Either way, you want to be sure that you (and your baby) are not breathing in harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs – found in paint fumes) which can hang around for years after you slap the paint on the wall.  So look for non-toxic, zero-VOC, water-based paints like those found at BioSheild or Anna Sova.
  • As for flooring, you should consider reclaimed hardwood or a sustainable product like bamboo (ditch the carpet, which is usually synthetic, non-recyclable, and traps allergens).  If you want to soften up the feel of the room, you can install a few strategically placed throw rugs in organic cotton or untreated wool (not only are they made without pesticides, pollutants, or harmful chemicals, they’re entirely biodegradable).
  • Next you’ll want to outfit the room with some eco-friendly furnishings.  And while you could go retro by picking up some reclaimed furniture, you really don’t know where it’s been or if it’s safe for your child.  Instead, check out some of the products offered by Ouef.  They have recycled wood, non-toxic-finish furniture that features convertible solutions (a changing table that fits on the crib, a crib that can turn into a toddler-sized bed with a kit) that will allow your child to utilize the same furniture for years to come, drastically reducing waste.
  • And once you have the furnishings covered, you’ll want to, well, cover them with eco-friendly linens.  To that end you can find many retailers that offer hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, organic fabric mattresses and bumpers, changing pads, and blankets.  Just make sure that all of your bedding products meet fire safety standards (they will generally have some sort of wool casing with organic fiber fill).
  • The last thing every nursery needs is toys.  From the mobile above the crib to the teddy bear they snuggle at night, you want to be sure that the toys you buy are not only safe for your baby, but better for the planet.  So look for stuffed animals that are hand knit, dyed, and sewn (not only eco-friendly, but handmade), as well as filled with organic materials.  Or choose some alphabet blocks made from renewable woods and printed with non-toxic dyes (today a decoration, tomorrow a teaching tool).  You can even find many children’s books printed on recycled paper for those late nights when only the soothing sound of your voice can lull them to sleep…perchance to dream of a green future.

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