Is Your Organic Beauty Product the Real Deal?

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organic-skin-conpany-150x150-3231939Organic beauty is more than just a trend. It is becoming the future of beauty products everywhere. Here are a few things to keep in mind when debating over the green validity of an organic beauty company in question.

Is a high percentage of their product organic? This means they are not using herbicides, insecticides, pesticides etc. Using this as a gauge can help you determine just how green the company is if they are just marketing or actually trying to help save the earth.

Is the business carbon neutral? Whether or not Al Gore was trying to pull off one of the most elaborate hoaxes of all time, we need to be aware of what we are doing to the earth. When a company is carbon neutral it essentially means they are aiming at energy conservation.

Does the company practice fair-trade? This is important because every party involved in the making of the organic beauty product will receive fair prices, compensation, and stable working conditions.

How eco-friendly is the said company? Environmental issues are the base of all trusted organic skincare manufactures. They will only sell goods to companies that are dedicated to recycling and taking part in environmentally friendly activities, or practices.

Animal testing should be another item on the docket to watch out for with your natural beauty products. This should be a no brainer for anything we consume and being aware is the first step in stopping this atrocity. Your particular beauty retailer should only stock brands who do not conduct animal testing. There are certifications that are done by the Vegan Society and the BDIH to prove that animal testing is not condoned with their product.

How exclusive is this company? This is more of a preference than anything else. You can find items that are not mass made for millions of people to buy. These products usually contain a little more TLC and are more unique in the benefits they offer. Using a specific stockist will ensure you are getting the greenest and most luxurious brands on the market.

Finding the best natural products is best for everyone involved especially you. Organic products are known to help skin conditions all over the body. They can help with scalp irritations like dandruff. Natural beauty products are becoming the most demanded product in the beauty world and have become more of a responsibility to the consumer to ensure they are being green, as opposed to a trend that sees people merely jumping on the bandwagon.

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