Is ADHD Caused By a Lack Of Adderall?

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hyperkid-218x300-2799547These days, Adderall is consumed like candy. Adderall is given to children and adolecents who space-out, have trouble paying attention or have behavior problems. And worse yet, Adderall is abused by a growing number of college students.

This begs the question…are our children suffering from a deficiency of Adderall in their blood stream? Or is there an underlying problem that is not being addressed by parents and society?

Headaches Are Not Caused By An Aspirin Deficiency

Just as headaches are not caused by a lack of Aspirin, ADHD symptoms are not caused by a lack of Adderall. Worse yet, medications such as Aspirin and Adderall can have serious side effects.

Drugs at best mitigate symptoms of a particular ailment. Drugs should be looked at as a stalling mechanism for finding the underlying cause of an illness.

So what might be another cause of ADHD symptoms such as inattention and hyperactivity?

How Can You Cause ADHD Symptoms In Your Own Body?

Let’s try an experiment…let’s give you ADHD symptoms for a few hours. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but it will really drive home the point.

On an empty stomach, drink 1-2 cans of coke or some other sugary soda. Don’t eat anything for a few hours, and see how you feel.

After consuming those sodas, many people will suffer the following symptoms (taken Paul Chek’s book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy):

  • anxiety
  • jumpy mind (ADHD) behavior
  • tired but wired – Jittery
  • nervous energy – energy highs and lows

Those symptoms look like ADHD symptoms…wait…might there be a link between the number of sodas consumed and the number of children (and adults) with ADHD?

As it turns out, the USA per captia consumption of Soda is 150 quarts per week, or about 9 sodas per week per person. Since there are people who consume 0 sodas per year…there are some people consuming 18 or more sodas per week…or more than 2 sodas per day. If these sodas aren’t consumed with sufficient protein and fat, then these sodas will likely cause symptoms of ADHD.

Can The S.A.D. Diet Cause ADHD Symptoms?

S.A.D. stands for “standard American diet”, aka. what people in America typically consume. Let me take you through the SAD diet of a typical American teenager.

Breakfast: Orange Juice + Pop Tarts OR  Sugary Cereal + Processed Milk Lunch: School’s Pizza + Tater Tots + Soda OR  Hamburger + Fries + Soda Afternoon Snack: Soda + M&M’s OR Monster Energy Drink + Chips

Dinner: lesagna + milk OR  steak + cooked veggies

So the food consumed by a typical American teenage is absolutely laden with sugar, which does indeed cause ADHD symptoms. So is it really any wonder that kids are complaining about inability to focus? That they are having behavior problems?

In my experience, I can become irritable if I eat a poor meal or a bunch of sugar. Now take this irritability, mix it with the challenges (and hormones) of growing up, and you have a cocktail for some misbehaving kids.

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