Infrared Energy Powered Saunas

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When one thinks of a sauna, the traditional idea is of a  bathhouse out in the snow; with large bearded Finnish men beating each other  with birch branches while loads of steam and smoke billow up around them. This  is a semi-accurate description of the older style of sauna experience, but  times have changed. The energy source for those older types of saunas generally boiled down to a stove, a bucket of water, and stones that would be heated at  great lengths to supply the signature heat of the sauna itself.


While this traditional Finnish experience certainly holds  its place in the culture, the newer models of infrared saunas are more  practical for a number of different reasons. This includes the fact that they  are able to better hold in solar heat, and apply it directly to the body for a  more concentrated heating experience. As a result, studies have shown that the  body is able to release a more highly concentrated sweat, which has a number of  health benefits. From detoxification to weight loss, getting rid of these  excess toxins through the skin’s surface is a safe and natural way to go about  this whole process. There are many documented health benefits.

For these reasons, more and more people are choosing to  purchase these newer models of saunas, to install within their homes or places  of work. Most health spas and newer gyms now use the infrared models over the  traditional steam model, which some people find uncomfortable. The clouds of  steam blowing all over the body can be intense to say the least, and may not  provide the healing and comforting type of experience that people may come to expect  or desire from their time in the sauna. The infrared types are also easier to  maintain, without requiring the purchase of ovens and rocks to keep the heat  source going.

To learn more information about infrared saunas and  how they could possibly fit into your daily life, it’s a good idea to read up  on the health benefits and latest studies that people have been undertaking.  With a number of easy to assemble, portable home sauna kits on the market, it’s  now easier than ever to include this sauna experience in your daily routine.  After a stressful day at the office, there is no better way than sitting in the  sauna to literally let the stress soak out of you.

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