Improved Health from Your Cup of Joe?

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As a woman, you may be wondering what you can do to contribute to your health on a daily basis. The great news for you to know is that you often don’t need to look much further than your cup of Joe!


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In the past, coffee has been rumored to be an evil beverage, but many of the previous studies slandering the good name of coffee were simply inconclusive. Most recently, Harvard research has shown that those that drank 1 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day slashed their risk of diabetes significantly. This study was done on 126,000 people over 18 years, and those women that drank up to 6 cups of coffee each day reduced their risk of type II diabetes by 30%. Quite impressive!

Furthermore, six studies have shown that people who regularly drink coffee are 80% less likely to have Parkinson’s disease. Three of these studies confirmed that the more coffee that was consumed, the lower the risk that Parkinson’s was to the individual. Similar studies showed that 2 cups of coffee consumed per day could reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%, cirrhosis of the liver by 80%, and gallstones by 50%.

Coffee can also work to neutralize damage from other bad habits, such as heavy drinking and smoking. Of course, this is not an excuse by any means to continue with bad habits, but coffee does provide protective benefits that may not have otherwise been there. There is also some research that suggests that coffee can manage asthma and control flareups if a person is not on medication, chalking up yet one more benefit to regular coffee drinking.

Some health professionals recommend drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day on average, which is an easy and convenient way to enjoy America’s favorite beverage in moderation while drinking to your health!

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