How to Identify True Organic Foods

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usda-organic-4294335Knowing what to look for will help you identify real organic food. The biggest indicator that food is truly organic is the USDA Organic Seal or the words “Made With Organic Ingredients”. When you see the “USDA Organic” seal, you know that the food is at least 95% organic, does not contain any genetically modified organisms (Under organic standards, genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are prohibited), was not irradiated, and comes from a farm that:

  • Sustains animals on 100% organic feed.
  • Employs positive soil building, conservation, manure management and crop rotation practices.
  • Provides outdoor access and pasture for livestock.
  • Refrains from antibiotic and hormone use in animals.
  • Is inspected annually by an accredited Third-Party Organic Certifier.

If it is a multi-ingredient food, it was made at a certified organic processing plant that takes strict measures to avoid contamination of organic products. Foods that are labeled “Made With Organic Ingredients” are at least 70% organic and are also free from genetically modified organisms and food irradiation.

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