How Green Are You? Living an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

by admin

With the go green movemenet more and more people are opting for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of us have taken small steps to becoming greener and others have transformed into eco-goddesses over nite. I had to admit, I am far from an eco-goddess but have taken several steps to have a greener home and a healthier lifestyle. It all started 3 years ago when a light went off in my head that just maybe I could make some changes in my life that would not only benefit myself, my family but also reduce my impact on the planet. Afterall, I do want my kids to have a healthy life and my future family.

I started doing a lot of research and started reading a ton of environment and eco-friendly blogs. I knew it was going to be hard for me to just completly change everything overnite, so I decided to start small with going green. The very 1st thing I did was dump all of the cleaning products in my house. I really thought at that time, when I cleaned with Clorox I had a clean home. I had no clue that I was wiping away dust and leaving a massive amount of chemicals behind.

I tried making my own cleaning products and just did not think they really cleaned. I searched for eco-friendly cleaning products and found Shaklee. They had just launched a line of green cleaning products and I ordered the starter kit. When my new cleaning products arrived I was excited to try them out and clean my house. (the 1st time I was ever excited about cleaning). It only took one use for me to fall in love with their Get Clean green cleaning products.

The 2nd step I took to being more eco friendly was to start recycling. In the past I had recycled stuff, but never had a real commitment to recycle everything. When I made up my mind that I was going to be commited to recycling, I started putting all recyclables in a different pile and each week made sure it was set out in t5he blue recycle bin.

Not only was I recycling my cans, newspapers, plastics, I made the decision to recycle everything I could. The normal things I would just toss in the trash were now things I could recycle in one way or another. Wether it went into my recycle bin, to goodwill, a neighbor, or I re-used it, It was getting recycled if possible. I started finding creative ways to reuse common household items over and over again.

Some other things I began doing; using reusable shopping bags, buying as much organic as possible, chaning light bulbs, unplugging appliances not in use, switching everything in my home that was not natural to an all natural product, reading product labels, and started switching to energy-star appliances. As you can see, I did not run out and build a straw bale home, refuse to eat meat or begin protesting environmental issues. I simply looked for small things I would do that would adapt to my current lifestyle.

Today I still believe in the importance of doing everything you can to protect our environmenet. I am far from an eco-tarian but I am content with my efforts to be greener. I learn new ways to green my life constantly and if it seems like a task we can incorporate into our family, I jump on it.

Do I ever see my family living in an eco-village, building a 600 square foot home, or walking every where we need to go? No, I do not ( I do see me driving a hybrid vehicle one day), but as I said above I will continue to make an effort to reduce my impact on the planet.

So, I want to know how green are all of my readers… On a scale of one to ten, with one being “I tried to be green but was not successful” five beging “I have made many changes to be greener” and ten being “I have completly converted to an all green lifestyle”. I would also like to know what steps you have taken to be greener.

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