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What’s that you say? Wouldn’t that be bad for the environment? Well to answer your question, with the exception of electric (which if you have been reading our site and I know you have, you’ll find ways to offset that) it is possible. We use the internet everyday but how can we use the internet and help the environment?

Eco-Minded browser: It’s 100% free. Better yet, the Flock Eco-Edition browser comes pre-loaded with fresh content from the best sources from across the web.Open your Eco-Edition browser daily for updated news, content, and media to feed your interest in global matters affecting our planet.

Trade, Barter and Reuse: I’m sure everyone is familiar with the famous and sometimes infamous Craigslist. A free classified for everyone to use. Welcome to is classifieds gone green. Everything you’d find on Craigslist or Freecycle, but green! By providing a free community-driven platform for the buying, trading and recycling of products and services locally, they strive to be a leader in the evolution of a healthier eco-system worldwide.

Green Search Engines: Eco Search

Eco Search is a Google Custom search engine and of course it’s green. Eco Search is a top-notch nonprofit engine run by one man on a mission who donates 100% (that’s right not even putting green in his pocket)of proceeds to green organizations such as the Sierra Club and many others.

Social Bookmarking: Treehugger’s own a bookmarking site similar to Digg it was launched in 2006 and has yet to break through into mainstream use though it is quite active and is a great place to get exposure for green blogs.

Reference/Research: Wikia Green

Who hasn’t needed to do research and ended up getting all of you info from Wikipedia? Jimmy Wales the brain behind Wikipedia and all the other Wiki projects brings us something new, Wikia Green. There are plenty of resources to explore so when you have to do a research paper on the recycling you now have another great place to explore.


Treehugger has been in the game awhile. As noted previously they own the social network Hugg. It is a big place filled with passionate Eco Friendly users. So feel free to browse the forums and sharing your knowledge with others who share the same cause for a greener Earth as you.

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