Green your Fitness Regime to Match Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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jogging-5057280There is something about fitness and exercise itself that just says eco friendly. By making fitness a priority in your life you can already take steps toward being more “green.” Many people who love exercise and have this interest have begun riding a bicycle, walking, or running to where they need to go in lieu of driving their cars or taking public transportation. You can kill two birds with one stone by getting your workout for the day and reducing the amount of fuel that you use. But if being an environmentalist is a priority for you, you might find yourself asking if there is anything else you can do to green your fitness routine.

The good news is that there are plenty of other things that you can do. In addition to walking, biking or running to your next errand or to work, you can also make working out outside your normal routine. Gym memberships are expensive, not to mention the amount of energy they use to run all of the different exercise machines, lights, music, and a lot more. You don’t need to run on a treadmill when you have perfectly good parks and sidewalks in your area. It will save energy and provide a much more enjoyable workout for you.

summer-activity-4954646A very important part of exercising in a healthy way is making sure that you stay hydrated. This, of course, means drinking a lot of water. One mistake that a lot of people make is buying a plastic bottle of water every time they head out to exercise. Reusable bottles are a great solution to this. You can refill it from home with filtered water or water from the tap. You will be helping to reduce plastics and you will also save a lot of money on bottled water. Many reusable water bottle companies are now making their bottles from stainless steel because of reports that reusing some plastics could be harmful to your health. Klean Kanteen and SIGG are two of the popular choices when it comes to reusable stainless steel water bottles.

You can even be eco friendly when it comes to the workout clothes that you buy. Patagonia is a company that has made it a priority to be a green and eco friendly company. They launched a recycling program in which customers can recycle their old Patagonia brand clothes. Then the company uses those old clothes to create new products for people to purchase. This is an incredible idea that the customers of Patagonia really love. This means that when the company is making a new product they can use less virgin polyester to make this garment because someone else has recycled their old garment.

There are many ways that you can be a more green person. People who care a lot about their personal health and well being often care a lot about the health and well being of the planet. The two things are tied together in every way. Having a more eco friendly fitness regime is just the first step to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

About the author: Robert Boyd is the Managing Director of, leading suppliers of ‘capital’ sports equipment and wet pour safety surfaces.

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