Green Wedding Guide Series Part 2; Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

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This entry is part 2 of The Green Wedding Guide Series.

eco-wedding-rings-4774335You may not have thought about the possibilities… But yes, you can go Green with your wedding rings. When wedding ring shopping don’t forget the three R’s…Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Fine jewelry can be used just in an eco-friendly way. If you’re starting to (or have been for years) living en eco-conscious Green life, it doesn’t have to be put on hold for your wedding day. You can, indeed, start your new life Green, all the way down to the rings. And really, if this is the life you want to create – what better way to start it off?

Green The Wedding Diamonds

Buy conflict free diamonds – or recycle by using an heirloom diamond. Perhaps you have a mom or grandmother who has an engagement ring or wedding ring you could recycle into your own setting.  Another alternative to mined diamonds is using a created diamond. Lab created diamonds are often just as beautiful as the mined diamonds, without the slag that mining creates. Remember that gold and diamond mining puts tremendous strain on the environment!

Reuse Old Materials For New Rings

When deciding on a setting you could use a jeweler that uses recycled gold. You can go the heirloom route and just have it resized. The heirloom could be used for meltdown purposed to create your own setting. even suggests, infusing your rings with love by getting family and friends to recycle their unwanted gold to make wedding rings for you and your hubby.

Many brides-to-be are even opting for vintage sets instead of going out and buying new. Using an auction site to find vintage or estate sale wedding bands is a great option if you don’t have any heirloom jewelry in your family.

Were you passed down a set of silver or does a family member have old silver dinnerware not being used? You can meltdown a silver spoon to be used within a new ring. (back to the three R’s again) Be creative!

Sustainable Wooden Rings

There are other resources you could use for your wedding rings if recycled gold is not what you’re looking for. Wood is a great option and makes a creative centerpiece for any hand! Sustainable wood such as birch, maple, rosewood, coconut, and walnut can give you a one of a kind ring due to the swirls in the grain. How many people do you know with wooden wedding rings? I bet, not many! Your wedding rings would be the talk of the town and companies like Touch Wood Rings and Simply Wood Rings can help you select the perfect wood ring for the big day!

Research Environmentally Responsible Options

Research the jeweler. There are many jewelers going the Green route. Look for words “Conflict free,” “recycled gold” and “recycled platinum” on their websites. It’s a small jeweler’s niche, but it’s growing due to increased concern over the environment. Give these jewelers your business.

Learn about your materials. If you choose a wooden ring, the care and maintenance is going to look different than if you chose a gold ring. Take the time to educate yourself on how to care for it, so your Green wedding rings last for a lifetime. And then go one better – leave it to your kids so they can continue the sustainable train.

You can go Green and have beautiful wedding rings. Eco-Friendly doesn’t have to mean “weird” or expensive. Do your legwork, and you can be rest assured that you did your part for the earth while starting on a new life with your spouse.

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