Green Technology Promoted by Tekniq

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Tekniq Data Corporation, a Kansas City based information technology services company, is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant over 1,000 trees in our national forests. The trees, to be planted on behalf of Tekniq’s clients, are to draw attention to environmentally sound technology solutions and do something positive for the environment. Tekniq promotes green technology in the workplace and offers green business solutions to local businesses.

Tekniq also helps clients implement green technology. “We offer products and business solutions that help our customers save energy and reduce waste.” stated Steve Schmidt, founder. “Businesses can do their part for the environment by simply updating aging servers and computers for ones that use less energy and have recycled materials. It’s also surprising how much waste can be prevented by choosing an environmentally friendly copier or printer and implementing a document management solution.”

Tekniq hopes the green technology campaign will raise awareness locally and show companies that they no longer have to choose between their bottom-line and the environment. Many of these environmentally friendly solutions are both cost saving and high quality.

Tekniqs Green Office Solutions • Energy-efficient computers & servers • Waste-reducing MFP’s & printers

• Tree-hugging document management solution’s

Tekniq saves power by using energy-saving servers and by reducing office lighting to save power. Along with these energy-saving strategies, Tekniq uses recycled marketing materials, copiers that use less toner, and PCs with recycled parts. All these things together make Tekniq a greener I.T. company. Tekniq hopes to be able to show more companies how they too can go green.

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